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Chiropractic Care and Runners: Just a Few Tips.

As a runner, you know that you are prone to injuries more than the regular person. Whether it’s too much running or cross training, or using the wrong posture in doing so, these strenuous activities put undue stress on muscles and joints, and if left untended, can definitely lead to injuries. Another problem that runners… Continue reading Chiropractic Care and Runners: Just a Few Tips.

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Benefits of an Ion Cleanse After a Massage!

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day! Get an Ion Cleanse after your massage What Are The Benefits Of An ION Cleanse After Massage? Your massage has stimulated your body to detoxify stored up toxins in the muscles and fat tissues. And it relies on your body to finish the job. For the next few days,… Continue reading Benefits of an Ion Cleanse After a Massage!

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Massage Can Help…

A new study published last year shows the massage can reduce migraine headaches. The article is titled “Massaging Over the Greater Occipital Nerve Reduces the Intensity of Migraine Headaches.” (1) Good news for you….massage feels great and can help you relieve pain! To better understand how massage can help your migraines; let’s have a simple… Continue reading Massage Can Help…