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Tips To Help Your Chiropractic Adjustment Stay in Alignment

At Pinnacle Chiropractic and Family Wellness we see a variety of patients with spinal misalignment’s or subluxations. Some times these patients have acute issues, some times they are suffer from chronic problems, either way after we adjust the subluxated area are goal is for things to stay in alignment. Thus, the more the patient can… Continue reading Tips To Help Your Chiropractic Adjustment Stay in Alignment

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How is Texting Damaging Your Spine?

In the last few months, talk about “text-neck” has been all over the news and social media. It is a term used to describe looking down at wireless devices for too long. People are passing their time by texting, reading, and playing games on their smartphones and tablets. With about everyone owning a smartphone and… Continue reading How is Texting Damaging Your Spine?

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The Power of an Adjustment… Boost Immunity!

As We See It… We've experienced it first hand, and so have our patients. Many of those adjusted report that since being under regular chiropractic care, they seem to be able to fight the colds and flus that their friends and family are getting; if they do get sick, their symptoms are less severe. It seems that… Continue reading The Power of an Adjustment… Boost Immunity!

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Kinesiology Tape for Postural Control

As chiropractors, sometimes our efforts become frustrating if our careful attention to adjusting, stretching and strengthening, is undermined by patients resuming the same postural flaws that landed them in our offices in the first place. How exciting would it be to have a sticky, stretchy little assistant that reminded our patients for 2-5 days about… Continue reading Kinesiology Tape for Postural Control