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Tips To Help Your Chiropractic Adjustment Stay in Alignment

At Pinnacle Chiropractic and Family Wellness we see a variety of patients with spinal misalignment’s or subluxations. Some times these patients have acute issues, some times they are suffer from chronic problems, either way after we adjust the subluxated area are goal is for things to stay in alignment. Thus, the more the patient can… Continue reading Tips To Help Your Chiropractic Adjustment Stay in Alignment

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It’s Posture Awareness Month!

May is Posture Awareness Month – so get your shoulders away from your ears! Raised shoulders are a sign of tension in the neck and upper back. Over time, that tension will lead to pain. Good posture equates with good health. It means your bones are aligned, and your muscles, joints and ligaments can do… Continue reading It’s Posture Awareness Month!

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Constipation in Children-Chiropractic Can Help!

Constipation is a very common issue in children. Constipation in children is passing hard stools with difficulty and with less frequency than normal. Many parents get stressed out if their child is not pooping as much as other children. While every child is different, there could be an underlying cause of your child’s constipation. Diet… Continue reading Constipation in Children-Chiropractic Can Help!

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Better Get Some Ice on That… Or is it Heat?

The question of whether to apply ice or heat to a particular injury is a familiar one for many people—and especially for parents who see more than their fair share of kids’ cuts, bumps and bruises. We know we want to relieve the pain, reduce swelling and speed healing, but which is the right approach,… Continue reading Better Get Some Ice on That… Or is it Heat?


Dr. Brock Johnson

Dr. Brock Johnson was born and raised in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He graduated from Lakeside High School in 2003 and earned his B.A. in Spanish/Linguistics from the University of Colorado and Arkansas Tech University in 2007. He also studied at the University of Leon in Leon,  Spain before pursuing his chiropractic career. Dr. Johnson received… Continue reading Dr. Brock Johnson

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How is Texting Damaging Your Spine?

In the last few months, talk about “text-neck” has been all over the news and social media. It is a term used to describe looking down at wireless devices for too long. People are passing their time by texting, reading, and playing games on their smartphones and tablets. With about everyone owning a smartphone and… Continue reading How is Texting Damaging Your Spine?

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The Shocking Truth About Soda!

Soda is all around us and has become a staple in the American diet. In fact, the CDC claims that around half of the US population drinks sugary beverages a day. Instead of drinking water that our bodies crave and need, we have decided to drink sugary, man-made drinks that can have detrimental effects on… Continue reading The Shocking Truth About Soda!