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Stop Sunburn with Vitamin F

As the summer weather finally begins to arrive, many of you will be spending as much time as possible outdoors and creating all the Vitamin D your body could possibly need. This is done as the ultraviolet rays from the sun convert skin oil to Vitamin D. The Vitamin D that is created then moves… Continue reading Stop Sunburn with Vitamin F

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        Content 150 Capsules   Price $34.00 Enzycore is a comprehensive blend of enzymes, glutamine, and whole food ingredients designed to support healthy digestion and maximize nutrient absorption. Contains microbial enzymes for action within a broad range of pH Contains a blend of enzymes that comprehensively break down fats, protein, and carbohydrates Kale… Continue reading Enzycore

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Immune Support for Your Pets

  The thymus is often called the master gland of the immune system. Support a healthy thymus gland in your pets with VF Thymex. Learn More...

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Spleen Desiccated

When you think of healthy immune system function, do you think of the spleen? For most people, the spleen is not top of mind when it comes to a healthy immune system. But it's important to consider the spleen when the focus is on supporting a patient's healthy immune system function. The spleen is a kidney-shaped organ… Continue reading Spleen Desiccated

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Standard Process: Congaplex and Immuplex

Congaplex So where do you turn when you child is feeling the effects of seasonal stresses? Congaplex! It's a special formulation that can handle your child's challenged immune system and it works well in supporting the upper respiratory tract. •Bovine thymus Cytosol extract supports the child’s thymus gland function, the key immune gland. •Calcium lactate… Continue reading Standard Process: Congaplex and Immuplex

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National Chiropractic Health Month

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10 Point Nutritional Evaluation

Satisfy your curiosity. Take 20 minutes to learn how a personal nutrition program can lead you to optimal health. Health problems can manifest as energetic disturbances before they are recognized as a diagnosed disease. So, it is especially important to have this information, even if you appear to be healthy. The primary objective of a… Continue reading 10 Point Nutritional Evaluation