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My N.A.E.T Adventure

So, as some of you may or may not know, we do some pretty interesting things here at the office. Yes, we see patients for chiropractic care and massage therapy. But what most of you may not know is that Dr. Kelley sees patients for allergies. Yes, allergies. And no, I don't mean the conventional… Continue reading My N.A.E.T Adventure

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Do You Have Food or Environmental Allergies?

Do you have food or Environmental Allergies? The following list of symptoms may help you to recognize problems with foods and environmental chemicals that cause or exacerbate allergies: • Hay fever (congested nose, eyes, itchy mouth/ears, sneezing etc.) • Itchy, red eyes; swollen eyes, bags under eyes. • Swelling in upper cheek bone area •… Continue reading Do You Have Food or Environmental Allergies?