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Muscle Pain after Workout?

Have you ever wondered why certain forms of exercise result in muscle soreness? The technical term for muscle soreness after working out is DOMS, which stands for delayed-onset muscle soreness. Besides feeling sore, this term also includes reduced range of motion and muscle strength. You will usually experience this 24-48 hours after you try new… Continue reading Muscle Pain after Workout?


Standard Process: Tuna Omega-3 Oil

Tuna Omega-3 Oil helps bridge the gap in dietary omega-3 intake and supports the body's natural inflammatory response function as it relates to periodic challenges like consumption of high-fat meal or strenuous activity.* Tuna Omega-3 Oil contains a non-concentrated, natural profile of tuna oil that is rigorously tested to be below regulatory standards for contaminates… Continue reading Standard Process: Tuna Omega-3 Oil


Best and Worse Sleeping Positions for your Back

A good night’s sleep is so critical to maintaining physical energy and clarity of thought that doctors recommend 7-9 hours of sleep for adults (I know trust me, I don't think I do. I know but bear with me). Sleep affects reaction times, decision making, and emotional state. But, when you suffer from back pain,… Continue reading Best and Worse Sleeping Positions for your Back


Happy Mother’s Day

She loved when no one did, she accepted us without judgment, and she saw the beauty in us despite our flaws. The love of our mothers is untarnished and unbreakable. They deserve a warm hug and our unconditional love.Happy Mother's Day!From Pinnacle Chiropractic and Family Wellness

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T’was A Chiropractic Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas, but there was no cheer.No jingle bells jingled, no sound of reindeer.The word had gone out that Santa was sick.There would be no visit from jolly St. Nick. The people were sad; no gaiety sounded.For Christmas had come, but Santa was grounded.He drove down the road, and what should he… Continue reading T’was A Chiropractic Christmas


Healthy New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Keep!

The start of a new year brings excitement, anticipation and hope that this year will be different. According to a recently published study “Lose Weight” is again the number one New Years Resolution for 2020. But some of us have had a “get-healthy-type-resolution” on our list for so many years in a row that it… Continue reading Healthy New Year Resolutions You Will Actually Keep!


Avoid Back Pain While Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday falls directly after Thanksgiving, giving shoppers the opportunity to find great deals that don’t pop up the rest of the year. When people are busy trying to score unique items for cheap, they often fail to remember their health and wellness during the process. Back pain can creep in easily if a few… Continue reading Avoid Back Pain While Black Friday Shopping

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Get Ready to Fall Back

The fall brings about so many changes-colorful leaves, falling temperatures, warmer clothing and active school schedules. While many of these changes are met with great enthusiasm, one change is often met much less enthusiastically-the dreaded end of Daylight-Saving Time or “Fall Back”. Even though the majority of people in the U.S. “Fall Back” each year,… Continue reading Get Ready to Fall Back


Why Massage and Chiropractic are Better Together

Most people know the benefits of chiropractic care, as well as the relaxing effects of massage therapy. But did you know that getting both regular massages and routine chiropractic adjustments can enhance your overall wellness? That’s right, many chiropractors and massage therapists work in tandem, because their treatments are so complementary. How Chiropractic and Massage… Continue reading Why Massage and Chiropractic are Better Together

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Understanding How Acupuncture Works

Many people are under the impression that there’s no possible way sticking needles in your body could decrease pain. Yet, acupuncture has existed for more than 2,500 years as a therapeutic approach, and recent scientific studies have shown that it’s an effective treatment for chronic pain, as well as other conditions. Common issues acupuncture may… Continue reading Understanding How Acupuncture Works