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Golf and Chiropractic: Improve Your Golfing Game

golf and chiropracticGolf may look like a simple sport, but it is challenging on several levels. It has an intense psychological component, which may just be on par with poker! And perhaps the tournament that gets inside a golfer’s head more than any other is The Masters Championship. Sure, there are other big tournaments, but there aren’t any that matter as much to those involved.

Beyond the psychological element is the physical and conditioning aspect. If you don’t have good golf form you can kiss that birdie goodbye. You kiss enough birdies goodbye and you can forget about playing in the last twosome on Sunday. If you’re looking to improve your golf game you can’t go wrong by making chiropractic care your partner on the golf course.

All About Form

One of the ways you win at golf is to have flawless form – but achieving that form is easier said than done. According to the Amgolfing 2erican Chiropractic Association, the United States boasts 30 million golfers, many of whom suffer from back pain. This is because the golf swing isn’t exactly a “normal” movement of the spine, especially the lower back. There’s even a term for the affliction: “Golf back.”

Alas, poor form with your golf swing isn’t the only way to injure your back while playing golf. One of the greatest things about golf, from a fitness standpoint, is all the walking involved. But one of the biggest challenges for your body in golf is … (wait for it like a 72-foot putt inching closer to the hole) … all of the walking! Think about the hills, uneven ground and unstable surfaces you must traverse over the course of one round. Then throw in torquing your body from the bunker to salvage a bogey (hey, nobody said it was easy) or bending over to pick up the rake after you’ve overshot the green – it’s as hard on your back as it is your ego.

Reduce Pain as You Improve Your Game

When you incorporate chiropractic care into your golf game you are taking the first step toward a pain-free putt. If your body is conditioned correctly and your spine is aligned, you greatly reduce your chance of injury. Seeing your chiropractor for spinal adjustments can help to keep your body functioning and moving optimally. Regular adjustments to your neck and back can also help that golf swing from having a negative impact on your health or your enjoyment of sticking it to that loudmouth who follows every shot with “I can’t believe I’m playing this bad.” You know who we’re talking about. 😀

If you do get injured while golfing, chiropractic care can also help you to heal quicker. An experienced chiropractor will adjust your spine and also work on the tissue and surrounding joints in order to allow your body to do what it was meant to do – heal itself. This can turn you into quite the lean, mean, golfing machine with a great golf swing.

It’s no wonder a chiropractor staffs all PGA events and most successful pros have a chiropractor who travels with them.

You Need Us!

You should aspire to increase your mobility and reduce your pain while enjoying your golf game even more with chiropractic care. Make your next drive to Pinnacle Chiropractic and Family Wellness today and take the first step toward turning that birdie into an eagle.

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