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Shin Splints & Chiropractic

If you areindex a regular runner, you’ve probably experienced shin splints a time or two. Shin Splints are defined as the pain associated with the repeated overuse of the lower extremities. As annoying as they are to deal with, there are ways a chiropractor can help relieve the symptoms associated with shin splints.

-Joint Adjustments: Have a chiropractor take a look at your ankle, knee and hip motions. Normal body motion occurs when the joints function properly, so correcting the underlying bio mechanical cause of the pain is really the only way to recover from shin splints. One of our chiropractors can determine the source of your shin splints and recommend a treatment plan that works for your running needs.

-Kinesiology tape: If you’re experiencing pain from over pronation (or fallen arches) which tends to lead to your tibia taking all the impact instead of your ankle, kinesiology tape, like Rock Tape, can help aid in the support of the arches and ankle. Ask Dr. Ashley if she is able to help tape areas that need more support.

-Footlevelers: To reduce the impact on the body and prevent injuries, patients need the proper balance, protection and support when they run.  Foot Levelers’ custom-made orthotics balance and support all three arches of the foot to help align the ankles, knees, and hips, providing a solid foundation for the entire body. Firm and flexible, they help absorb heel-strike shock, support the body and allow the feet to maintain normal movement. Stabilizers are designed to provide maximum stability, comfort, and protection for high-performance activities on all surfaces.

Call us today to schedule a scan and take advantage of their special this month. Through the month of June ALL Footlevelers are $218, with the exception of InMotion. Special ends on June 30, 2017



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