Meet Dr. Hayley Mitchell

Dr. Haley

Dr. Hayley Mitchell was born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas, and became a resident of Arkansas in 2015. Her time spent in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex included the completion of her undergraduate studies from the University of North Texas as well as her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University.

Dr. Mitchell utilizes Diversified, Thompson, Flexion/Distraction, and Instrument Assisted adjusting techniques to correct neuromuscular dysfunction within the spine. She has a certification in Applied Kinesiology as well as having completed a multitude of hours of post doctorate studies in Functional Medicine. Functional medicine is a practice that analyzes blood work for its functional ranges rather than its pathological/disease ranges, which means detecting the weakening function of the body that occurs before a disease is present. Dr. Mitchell combines her adjusting techniques with functional medicine, nutrition, detoxification programs, and her understanding of neurology to help her patients heal and grow.

Dr. Mitchell is a licensed Chiropractor in both Texas and Arkansas. She worked out of a sports medicine practice in Texas for one year, before moving to Northwest Arkansas with her husband, Ethan, and their two dogs Jake and Oakley.

Outside of practice, Dr. Mitchell enjoys using her 16 years of horseback riding experience to work with the horses at a local equestrian center in Decatur, AR.


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