Natural Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

OilsWhen it comes to your family’s health and well-being, there are a number of holistic options available to you. At Pinnacle Chiropractic, we believe a healthy spine and nervous system is one of the most important ways to achieve optimum health. Outside of our office, there are many other ways to encourage better health. If you have children, you know the most common ways to safeguard their health, such as frequent hand washing, proper rest, hydration and nutrition, and adequate physical activity.

When a child is under the weather, many people run to the medicine cabinet because they want their child to feel better as quickly as possible. Many times, parents aren’t aware of more natural options or how to use them, so they stick with what they know.  Essential oils are a great addition to your “natural medical arsenal” for many reasons. The oils are extremely high quality, pure and come directly from plants that grow all over the world. The benefits of oils extend far and wide, and can help with ailments such as breathing issues, digestive problems, and headaches & fatigue, just to name a few. There are some oil combinations that help specifically for antiviral and antibacterial purposes, which is perfect for protecting children or when you or your family are traveling! You can diffuse oils in the air, use topically on the body, or in some cases, ingest them in a capsule to find a variety of health benefits.


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