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Spleen Desiccated

spleen dessicated

When you think of healthy immune system function, do you think of the spleen? For most people, the spleen is not top of mind when it comes to a healthy immune system. But it’s important to consider the spleen when the focus is on supporting a patient’s healthy immune system function.

The spleen is a kidney-shaped organ that sits between the stomach and diaphragm in the upper abdomen. Considered part of the lymphatic system, the spleen varies in size and shape among individuals and in the same individual at different times. The spleen plays a major role in immune system function and formation of blood cells. While we are able to live without a spleen, it is considered an important organ to maintain good health.

Spleen Desiccated is intended for short-term support of the spleen. The gluten-free formula supports healthy immune system function and maintains healthy blood. spleen dessicated


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