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Coffee or Chiropractic?


I got a cup of coffee at a Starbucks this morning. From time to time I “go off” coffee, and after a couple of months I often take up the habit again. Now, is one of those times.

It’s expensive to buy professionally brewed coffee. At least I think it is. Many people spend a hundred bucks or more a month on their caffeine fix. These are the same folks who claim they can’t afford chiropractic care!

But it boils down to priorities, doesn’t it? People have a feeling about their coffee (physically or emotionally) that is more compelling than how they feel before, during or after their chiropractic care; Which got me thinking about all these years I’ve been receiving my chiropractic care. What do I get out of it? How does it make me feel? Why do I keep doing it?

My guess is that people who adopt chiropractic as a lifestyle have the ability to detect subtle changes in their bodies. When your ability to notice nuances in your body are heightened, you’re not only more appreciative of the ease and sense of connectedness that follows an adjustment, but you’re more aware of, and less tolerant of the signs your body produces that signals that an adjustment is needed.

These are probably people who regularly “use” their body. If you unknowingly see your body as merely a package that services and transports your brain from place to place, it’s easy to become disconnected. But if you’re a dancer, athlete or active in any one of dozens of other pursuits that requires you to consciously use your body, you’re more likely to have better body listening skills.

The bottom line is you know your body better than anyone else. “Listening to your body” will take practice. Especially if you’re not use to paying attention to what your body actually does for you on a day to day basis.

Chiropractic care is important; whether you believe it or not. I’m sure we can sit here and make up all kinds of excuses as to “we don’t need” or “can’t afford” chiropractic care. But let’s face it, in the long run, chiropractic care is 100x more beneficial for your body and lifestyle than an overpriced cup of coffee.

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