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Is Your Immune System Ready To Defend You?

funny- immune system castly

Your immune system is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to combat dangers that get inside you from viruses to dirt. Your body has many defensive strategies including your skin and mucous membranes that create a physical barrier to invaders along with your digestive tract that secretes juices to help ward off germs. A fever is your body ‘burning-off’ microorganisms and swelling is your body’s way of washing the system of intruders. All of these defensive weapons are great, when they are in good working order. Too often though, immune systems are unhealthy and unable to defend at an optimal level, which leads to sickness.

The health of your spine is very important. Hundreds of years of observation has shown that spinal care improves immune function. Your emotional health also contributes to your immune health. Happy people are healthy people. Also, did you know that nutrition can have a profound effect on your immune health? The food you put in your body can help to strengthen your defense system. So, a good, whole food diet leads to strong immune systems and healthy people. A poor diet that lacks vital nutrients may cause illness and injury that no one should have to experience.


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