Nutritionist Aren’t for Just People Who Need to Loose Weight

Nutrition 1eat right

By Jeanne Goldberg, PhD, RD; Tufts University School of Nutrition Science and Policy

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Excerpts from the article:

“The sad truth is that few physicians have the training, time or inclination to dispense nutrition advice.”

“Nutritionists can also be helpful to heart patients, diabetics and others suffering from any chronic illness that has a nutrition component.”

“A nutritionist will start by considering the client’s overall health nutrition goals and current eating patterns.”

Before your visit, “Be sure to jot down any questions you have in advance to make the most efficient use of your time.”

Our nutritionist, Sandra Lowry, CNC, suggests that you make an appointment for a nutritional evaluation with every season change. She points out that ambient temperature, barometric pressure; pollen count, humidity and other seasonal environmental factors will alter the body chemistry, in addition to the ill effects of the foods we eat during various holiday celebrations.


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