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Posture Awareness Month

Good Postrue, Good Health
Good Postrue, Good Health

Correct Posture Month encourages people to think about how posture can affect their overall health. Posture refers to the position a person’s body is in whilst they are sitting or standing.
Sedentary activities such as sitting, reading, playing video games, using a computer sedentary activities and more physical activities like gardening, bending or lifting objects, are often performed with poor posture.

Poor posture can negatively impact a person’s health. Back problems are an obvious result of poor posture with back pain being the most common problem. Side effects from medicines used to control back pain can have a huge impact on a person’s physical and mental well being.

Poor posture can affect our health in other ways too. For example, slouching can give rise to jaw pain and headache. Poor posture places more strain on the muscles and joints and can lead to arthritis. Poor posture can also affect breathing, and impair both the circulatory and digestive systems.


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