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Benefits of an Ion Cleanse After a Massage!

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day!
Get an Ion Cleanse after your massage

What Are The Benefits Of An ION Cleanse
After Massage?

Your massage has stimulated your body to detoxify stored up toxins in the muscles and fat tissues. And it relies on your body to finish the job. For the next few days, your body works hard to get rid of the waste materials.

Would you like to speed up that process?

An Ion Cleanse, after the massage, helps to release heavy metals, yeast, mucous from the lymph system, chlorine and other chemicals, and even parasites…yes, parasites!

It supports the liver, gallbladder and kidneys to release toxic pollutants that get stored in the tissues over many years and lead to ill health.

Three reasons to get an Ion Cleanse following your massage:

1) It speeds up the cleansing process because it bypasses the normal pathways through the liver, kidneys, lymph, lung and bowel.
2) It supports lymph drainage to remove “cellular trash” that would otherwise be re-circulated.
3) Reduces or eliminates that “next day” ache & pain and congestive burden of the toxins that can’t get out fast enough.

Get the most from your massage by adding an Ion Cleanse to your treatment.

before and after ion clease

Learn more about Sandra Lowry,CNC, ION Cleanse at:My Healing Solutions


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