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Stop Headaches!

Nine out of every ten Americans suffer from headaches. More than 90% of which are caused by tighting of the facial and neck muscles.
Most of us have set routine for how we deal with our head and neck nuisances; We put on our game face on, lie down, pop a pill or hope for the best.

Research shows that spinal manipulation/adjustments in the form of chiropractic care may be an effective treatment option for tension-baled headaches that originate in the neck.

Simple Steps:

* If you spend multiple hours each day infront of a computer screen or another relatively inactive position, be sure to squeeze in a stretch break every hour or so. Moving your body and rolling you neck through a comfortable range of motion can go a long way.

* Try loow impact excersice, such as power-walking around an office building or heading up a handful of flight of stairs, can help relieve the head and neck pain associated with headaches.

*Drinking several glasses of water throughout the day to help prevent/avoid dehydration, which can often lead to headaches and neck pain.


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