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Q-Link Clear and Q-Link SRT-3

Q-Link Clear

Q-Link Clear boosts you body’s natural resistance to the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF’s)

The electronic devices you use and depend on each day generate electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). REsearch shows these EMFs may undermine performance and well-being and have a biological effect on the body.

The Q-Link Clear uses Sympathetic Resonance Technology (SRT) which acts as a tuning fork for your body- resonating with and reinforcing you own electrical fields. The result is a super powerful antidote to stressful EMFs that allows you to take control of you well-being.


Q-Link SRT-3

A quarter century of frontier research has yielded the Q-Link with proprietary SRT (Sympathetic Resonance Technology)- more than 100 complimentary, energy-tuning frequencies that support mind/body function-performance-resilience. Though everyone has a unique experience with Q-Link, athletes commonly testify they compete with greater focus and intensity. Fitness and outdoor enthusiasts say they feel more energetic and fit. Students and professionals report improved concentration and productivity. Many experiences a newfound sense of awareness, balance and consciousness-as well as an improvement response to a range of stressor, including EMF. Experience Q-Link for yourself- it’s the life a range of stresssors, including EMF. Experience Q-Link for yourself- it’s the life tool that effortlessly makes everything you are, do and aspire to be- better


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