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The Proof about Vaccines


When someone demands that you prove vaccines are potentially unsafe, or ineffective or unnecessary, remember to keep this in mind.

Forced vaccinations inherently are a human rights violation. They do not immediately save a life or treat an existing illness. They are an optional, experimental product based on an unproven theory. Informed, consenting adults can choose to take them if they want. But it’s medical malpractice to force them on to non-consenting children.

We simply refuse to acknowledge this aspect as a society, a throwback to the times when infants and children weren’t considered human with basic rights.

Furthermore, in addition to ignoring the violation of ethics and medical principles when forcing vaccinations on to healthy people, we also managed to reverse the logical thinking in this debate.

Instead of people demanding that vaccine companies, doctors and the government, PROVE that this medication is safe, effective and NECESSARY for a treatment in our children, we take on undue responsibility to PROVE that vaccines are ineffective, unsafe and uneccessary, COMPLETELY backwards.

The person, company or government who wants to force the medically non-indicated intervention onto a non-consenting child is the one who has to prove safety, efficacy and necessity.


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