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10 Point Nutritional Evaluation

Satisfy your curiosity.
Take 20 minutes to learn how a personal nutrition program can lead you to optimal health.
Health problems can manifest as energetic disturbances before they are recognized as a diagnosed disease. So, it is especially important to have this information, even if you appear to be healthy.

The primary objective of a BioMeridian 10-Point Assessment is to disclose patterns of stress or weakness in the following 10 areas:
Heart & Lungs
Tonsils, Sinus & Ears
Small & Large Intestine
Thyroid and Adrenal glands
Nervous system

Secondly, it is to provide the client an objective feedback to determine if a need exists for a more detailed nutritional assessment using all 60 points.

In less than 20 minutes you will be on your way to a personal evaluation and can begin your own unique nutritional program.


You may choose to proceed with your initial 60 point BioMeridian Assessment.

The complete 60 point BioMeridian Nutritional Test involves:
• Non-invasive sensitivity screening. NO scratch testing or injections are necessary.
• The only electro-acupuncture testing equipment approved by the FDA as a
Class II medical device.
• Testing for toxicity and drainage levels, and their effects on energy and organ functions.
• Helping patients maintain the structural or functional integrity of important body systems.
• Suggests whether there is a condition present that may require traditional medical treatment.
A complete BioMeridian Nutritional Test measures the available energy at the 60 meridian points.

10 pt nutritional test

By using the most technologically advanced stylus (probe), we are able to collect your body’s response to the small current being transmitted through your points to the various organs, glands, systems, etc.

The strength of this test lies in its ability to combine multiple sources of information from your body to assist in identifying your optimal nutritional protocol. Stressed or weak meridian points indicate potential risks for degeneration and disease.

The foundation of nutritional supplements recommended in the protocol must be manufactured from organic whole foods utilizing the matrix of
o Vitamins
o Minerals
o Proteins
o Hormones
o Enzymes
o And other factors found in nature

Common “off the shelf” synthetic supplements that have been fractionated and reconstituted are unable to nourish your body and can ultimately become toxic to you.

We have chosen Standard Process, Inc. products. Since 1929, this company has produced the highest quality supplements using unique high-vacuum, low temperature drying equipment to preserve the maximum nutrients in their product line. With an 80-year reputation for excellence, you can be confident of your choice for nutritional support.

Standard process standard Process

The BioMeridian Stress Assessment does not provide a medical diagnosis. If you suspect that you need medical intervention, consult your physician, who can provide a medical diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment regimens.


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