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Fruits and Vegetables Awareness Month

eat right

Three out of four people don’t get even close to the 5 servings of fruit and vegetables recommended per day. You don’t have to make yourself part of this statistic! Adding more veggies to your diet can be easy and delicious. Use these simple tips to incorporate more veggies into your life and work your way towards becoming a healthier person!
• Smoothies: Shakes are a great way to start adding veggies into your diet first thing in the morning. Simply slip a few collard/kale/arugula greens into the blender with the ingredients for a normal fruit smoothie. I like to do 1/2 apple, a few frozen organic strawberries, and 2-3 large green leaves. Blend it up, grab a few nuts, and you’ll be good to go all morning. You can also experiment by adding other veggies, such as leftover roasted butternut squash.
• Make soup: Soup is a great way to utilize veggies. Soup allows you to combine veggies with very minimal fat for a delicious meal. The flavors of the vegetables melt together to create a taste that can rarely go wrong. I particularly like to add mushrooms to veggie soups because they provide a strong, earthy taste, and add a nice chewy texture to the meal that will take your mind off of any missing meat. Make a big batch and freeze individually sized portions for later. Need help getting started? Try my Mushroom and Leek Soup recipe.
• Take a snack break: If you’re a frequent snacker, consider keeping your snacks to fruits or veggies to avoid excess calorie consumption. Vegetables make easy go-to snacks. Try baby carrots, cut up peppers, steamed broccoli, kale chips, or any other of your favorite vegetables.
• Pre-wash and prepare: Take time each week to wash and cut-up purchased vegetables and place them in sealed containers. Preparing unwashed vegetables can seem daunting and time consuming, especially when you’re in a crunch for time. Having them already washed and prepared makes using vegetables hard to resist.
• Visit your local farmer’s market: Farmer’s markets are typically loaded with tons of in-season vegetables. The color display alone makes trips to the farmer’s markets enjoyable, and will help you get excited about eating more veggies. Pick up something you’ve never used before and use it as inspiration to experiment with new recipes and try something new. You’ll be amazed at the variety and abundance of delicious produce at farmer’s markets!


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