Cleansing, Detoxify, Ion Cleanse

Bionic Cleanse

Ion CleanseBionic Cleanse

Bionic Cleanse is a fast, effective method of detoxification from pesticides, plastic, metals, Candia, heavy metals, parasites and more.

Why Detoxify?
Disease, and the silent, slow effects of aging are linked to our daily exposure to thousands of environmental toxins, and our bodies are not genetically prepared to eliminate them. We end up storing them in our joints, tissues, body fat and organs, slowly migrating through the body damaging our cells and leaving us highly susceptible to premature aging and disease causing bacteria, virus, yeast, mold, and fungi.

How Bionic Cleansing Works
The Bionic Cleanse water bath generates ions, and when immersing your feet into the water, you become part of the electromagnetic field, allowing the ions to attach to a multitude of toxic substances, neutralizing them and dropping them into water.


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